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President's Newsletter: Spring 2024

Dear ITSCC Members, 

I hope everyone is having a great 2024! I want to update everyone with all of the ITSCC happenings since the start of the year and exciting updates for the months ahead.

Our 2024 annual meeting was a terrific success with our largest member attendance in several years! We had the opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence in skin cancer research by our Oscar Colegio Memorial lecturer, Dr. Roberto Novoa. We also continued our “How We Do It” sessions introduced at last year’s meeting, with outstanding talks on the use of PD-1 immunotherapy for transplant patients, HPV mechanisms in immunosuppressed, and optimal immunosuppressive regimens. I want to thank ITSCC Board Member, Dr. Lee Wheless, and Kathy Uy, ITSCC Executive Director, for their outstanding dedication in coordinating the scientific session, venue, sponsors and more.  

The annual meeting is often the ‘time’ many members find the opportunity to renew their membership. If you have not renewed your membership for 2024, please visit https://www.itscc.org/physicians/membership-information.

Our ITSCC Academic Mentorship Program (IAMP) continues to be popular with our trainees and junior dermatology colleagues. We opened our 2nd year of applications this past winter and are excited to welcome Dr. Annika Weinhammer (mentored by Dr. Sean Christensen) and Dr. Ami Greene (mentored by Dr. Melissa Pugliano-Mauro) to the program. This two-year formal mentorship program will accept two applicants each year and includes funding for an in-person mentorship experience as well as registration for the ITSCC biennial symposium.   

Our ITSCC social media presence is growing! We have been working to create both patient-focused messaging, physician-level content, and partnership with related immunosuppression and transplant groups to educate our followers and increase awareness for skin cancer development in high-risk groups. ITSCC just recently surpassed 1000 followers on Instagram and launched on TikTok! Our social media team has also expanded to include 3 social media managers: Surya Veerabagu, Leora Aizman, and Shanelle Briggs with mentorship from social media chair Dr. Basia Michalski-McNeely. If you haven't followed us yet, please check us out @itscc_org (IG), @International Transplant Skin Cancer Collaborative (FB), @ITSCC_Org (X/Twitter) and our TikTok @ITSCCsocial.

Our ITSCC Biennial Scientific Symposium/Retreat is coming up September 19-22nd, 2024 in Essex, MA.  Dr. Melodi Whitley has been working hard to put together an amazing scientific meeting and our social chair, Dr. Catherine Pisano, will make sure that we all have a lot of fun!

To our members, thank you for the daily dedication and exceptional care for our most vulnerable patients. You continue to inspire me by putting these patients first each and every day. ITSCC is with you, always.    


Anokhi Jambusaria-Pahlajani
ITSCC President (2024-26)