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ITSCC Listserv

Join or update your email on the ITSCC e-mail discussion list. You do not need to be an ITSCC member to participate.

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the ITSCCListserv Archives.

Email messages designated for ITSCC membership should be sent to itscclistserv@list.itscc.org. Print and/or save this note for future reference when using the list.

The ITSCC mailing list is for members and non-members. The mailing list is not moderated; therefore, if you wish to send an e-mail message to the mailing list it will automatically be broadcast to all subscribers.

Sending a message to the ITSCC List

To send a message, compose an e-mail message as you ordinarily would, addressing that message to the list as follows: itscclistserv@list.itscc.org

When posting a message to the list, please use specific and brief subject title lines. This will help the search and archiving functions.

Use discretion when sending messages to the list. Some comments may be helpful to many, others should be sent only to a specific individual. Also, a modicum of professional decorum is expected for all interactions with this list.

Receiving a message from the ITSCC List

When someone sends a message to the list, a copy of the message is automatically dispatched to everyone who subscribed to the Listserv.

Replying to a message received from the ITSCC List

If you reply to a message you received from the ITSCC List, the reply will be received by everyone who subscribed to the list. In certain situations, you may want to respond only to the person who sent the message to everyone on the list (that person's e-mail address will be present in the message he/she sent to ITSCC).

Removing your name from the List

To remove your name from the ITSCC list, enter the email address you subscribed with at the bottom of the page: https://pairlist3.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/itscclistserv

When you successfully unsubscribed from the list, the list server will send you a verification notice.