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Skin Cancer in Organ Transplant Recipients

Prevention and early detection of skin cancer is of the utmost importance.

Organ transplant recipients are at increased risk of developing skin cancer compared to the general population. The immunosuppressive medications that allow the transplanted organ to function and survive also increase the risk of skin cancer. Most skin cancer is easily cured if recognized and treated early. Most transplant recipients will have few skin cancers; however, a few will have hundreds of skin cancers. For patients with many skin cancers, the extensive and repeated treatments may result in significant tissue loss and scarring, sometimes effecting appearance and the ability to function normally. The occurrence of skin cancer can decrease the quality of life for organ recipients. Aggressive skin cancers can potentially lead to death. Skin cancer may be a preventable disease, so efforts should be made to prevent it. If skin cancer does occur, early identification and treatment is very important.


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